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Throughout our long and, at times, turbulent home buying process, Beatrice (Betty) Cabral was a rock of patience, professionalism, kindness, and efficiency. Her extensive knowledge and experience not only made the overwhelming task of first time home buying simpler but even enjoyable. Her genuine care for her clients, as well as her devotion to providing for their best interests, make her a truly exceptional agent. Many thanks for her wise advice and hard work!

Martha Poukpa


We came to Canada last year in April and Betty, who was recommended by my office colleagues, was one of the first people we met . From the very beginning she became not only our real estate agent but also our advisor, confident and friend. We really appreciate that even if we mentioned that it’s too soon to buy a house and we just want to get an idea, she was very dedicated and spent from her time, especially weekends to show us a lot of properties. She was very patient with all our requests and she did extra miles just to get us know the areas and type of houses. After we got familiar with the places and decided to buy a house, she did everything posible to find the house we wanted in the area we wanted within the budget we had. She was very usefull and supportive in the entire process of buying a property, from finding the house, negotiations and continuing with technical inspection and the paper work. Now,thanks to Betty, we are in the house we want and we keep on our built relation.

Crina and Cristi Visan

I am writing this letter as a testimonial to Beatrice Cabral and her extremely professional approach to the sale of our home.

From the moment that I contacted Ms. Cabral to request that she take on the task to sell our home, she has been most helpful. Her advice concerning the preparation of the house for visits, to the visits themselves; the receipt of the offers from the prospective buyers, to the introduction of another agent; to the preparation of the necessary documents and going through them with us, patiently. All the involvements and interactions with other contacts were made easier because of her attention to the details of these meetings. Any unease or misgivings we had were met with a quiet composure, a positive attitude, and appropriate advice.

It is thanks to her professionalism and hard work, that we were able to readily accept the second offer that was made in our home. My wife and I will be forever grateful for Ms. Cabral’s attention to details and all the sound advice that she so freely offered us. Any questions that we had were listened to and answered as honestly as we could expect. We would  not hesitate to recommend her as a Listing Broker to anyone looking for an agent.

Edwin Forde

Buying or selling a house is probably the biggest financial decision most of us will make in a lifetime.  It is also a complex process and bad decisions can be costly.  Beatrice (Betty) Cabral is a tireless professional who can quickly evaluate the need, study the market, and provide expert guidance. She helps buyers and sellers cut through the complexity and her finely honed negotiation skills ensure that your transaction will be at the best possible price.  Her support network of trained professionals and service providers is available to you if needed.  She doesn’t waste time but will ensure you have all the time you need to get answers to your questions.  She is a pleasure to work with and it is a pleasure to recommend her.

Terrance Mckeogh